Halo Couture Original Halo Hair Extensions
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Includes 2 miracle wires, styling comb, protective packaging, and Halo Couture Human Hair Extensions


4 LENGTHS : 12 inch | 16 inch | 20 inch | 24 inch

100% Remy Human Hair Extensions add body, volume, and length in a matter of seconds. You can wear them daily or just for special occasions and remove them as easily as applying them. This innovative temporary hair extension technique causes no damage. Each peach adds about 70-120 grams of hair depending on length, which is up to 100% more hair than other temporary hair extensions!

12″  $350

16″  $375

20″  $475

24″  $565
Halo Couture Layered Halo Hair Extensions
Includes 2 miracle wires, styling comb, protective packaging, and Halo Couture Human Hair Extensions


3 LENGTHS : 14 inch | 18 inch | 22 inch

Uniquely designed and unlike any product available, each piece has 2-3 built-in, gradual layers, giving the most natural style with minimal effort. Each piece has about 50% more hair than the Original Halo Couture- creating beautiful, flowing layers that allows short hair to blend into long in an instant!
Each Layered Halo® Extension ranges in between 100-165 grams in volume based on length.

14″  $425

18″  $475

22″  $550

The Fall by Halo Couture


1 LENGTH : 16-18 inch 

The Fall is placed at the crown of the head, concealing thin hair, roots, or gray hair. It provides fullness and length to the crown of the head, and can be worn alone or with the Halo Couture Extensions (original or layered). Paired with the Halo Couture Extensions, you can turn a short bob into long, glamorous hair! Worn alone, add volume to the crown of your head! Style using regular styling tools, and can even be cut to add bangs!
The Fall attaches with four comfortable coated clips for an easy application, which secures the breathable hand sewn mesh base with to create a natural, seamless look.
The Fall is 100% Remy Human Hair and comes in all 23 colors with the option to have a slight "root" color on blonde and red shades.


The Ponytail by Halo Couture
Includes Human Hair Ponytail, Styling Comb, Protective Packaging and bobby pins


1 LENGTH : 16 inches 

The Halo Couture Ponytail quickly and easily adds length and glamorous volume to your natural ponytail by wraping around your ponytail using a sleek, seamless design. The secure into hair, the ponytail has a built in straight comb and a wrap-around piece of hair for a stylish look.
Like all Halo Couture products, The Ponytail is also 100% Remy Human Hair that can be styled with any styling tool and styling products- just like your natural hair!


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